Frequent Asked Questions

Q: How do I know you are not a scammer?

A: When we started selling online 6 years ago, we heard many stories about people getting scammed online (via Craigslist or other websites). We’re very sorry to hear that because it affect us in the same way. We lose potential customers because of other scumbags.

So, to answer your question. There is no way for us to prove you we are not scammers. So, yes, even we can scam you. Everybody can scam you. But, why would we scam you for a shitty $250, when we can earn $1000, $5000 or even more in the long run if we just deliver you the product you ordered? And it’s also not all about the money, we built a reputation. You need to understand that it takes years to build what we did, and it only takes 10 seconds to lose all that. So, no, we will not in any way scam any of our customer. If we can’t deliver the product to you for some reason, we will just tell you straight up.

That’s all we can say on this topic. If you don’t want to buy something from us, you don’t have to. We don’t have time to motivate anybody, because we already have a large customers base we need to serve. Instead of motivating you to buy, we keep focusing on delivering products faster for customers who already know where to buy their drugs from! Scammers have all day to chat with you, motivating you to buy, because they don’t have customers. We do.

Q: How will i receive my order?

A: You can enjoy home delivery with us. Once you place the order, the delivery process will start. Our delivery person will reach your product at your given address.

Q: Can i get same day delivery?

A: YES! You can enjoy overnight delivery of your order.

Q: Is it safe to buy these products online?

A: You don’t have to go anywhere to make the purchase if you opt for this store. From your home, you can make the purchase. This is one of the best advantages of this store.

Q: Is the price reasonable or not?

A: You can avail of the best quality product at a very affordable rate that is second to none.

Q: Is there any risk ordering from an online store

A: No, there is no risk factor(But to guarantee your 100% safety we advice you to always pay for products like Meth, Coke, H, Molly, etc with BITCOIN as it is an anonymous payment option which no one can get your personal details . The payment procedure is safe and protected. Your personal information will not be disclosed.

Q: Can i cancel my order once i have paid for it?

A: YES, you can do that, but once our product is out for delivery, there will be no chance to cancel the product. You can apply for return after the delivery.